Case Study: Blonde Virgin Extensions

Lauren contacted Admyhair in May 2022 inquiring about hair extensions.
She knew she wanted to add length to her existing hair but wasn’t sure of what type of extensions would be good for her.

To gain a better understanding of Lauren’s needs I asked her a few fundamental questions.

Have you used Hair extensions before?
What are you general daily activities?
How long do you wish to wear them?
Would you Like to change the colour in the future?

It may seem like a lot to ask for an enquiry, but believe me, every single question is necessary for the end goal . And that’s for total customer satisfaction .

Talking with Lauren was great , she was very open and explained that she hadn’t worn extensions before, she was getting married at the end of the year and wanted to familiarise herself with additional hair for fullness and length but nothing too extravagant. She wanted her extensions to be as discreet as possible.

Because Lauren had said that she wanted her hair extensions to last until her wedding I had to make sure I offered her something that was easy maintenance and durable.

She sent me some pictures of her current hair style and colour at the the time to give me an idea of what I was working with.

Lauren has blonde hair and as she wanted discreet, it was advisable to meet with Lauren to do her colour match and also let her see some different types of extensions.

After a few more discussions and pictures being exchanged I gave Lauren the best options for her : virgin Tape extensions

I had chosen Tapes because they give you a seamless look , are extremely discreet and can be easily washed while in the hair.
With re installs every 6-8 weeks , it allowed Lauren to do minimal to her hair but still look great.

I informed Lauren that because she wanted blonde hair , it was best to go for virgin Because of the colour process. Although we use the highest quality of virgin hair for our blondes, you can’t get away from the colouring process which can be complicated , time consuming and potentially Damaging if not done correctly! On top of all that, Lauren needed hair extensions that would still look flawless on her wedding day which was all the way in December!

So with all of this confirmed , all left to do was to meet Lauren , choose her tone and and length.
Even though we had confirmed Virgin hair I still wanted to show her the remy hair so she was in control of her choice alll the way through.

The Meet

I had agreed to meet Lauren at her house the following week and turned up with my colour ring , 4 different shades of blonde hair, 3 different lengths of hair and the two hair types .remy and virgin .

Lauren was very welcoming and after talking about moving and weddings We got down to business.

When you think about it, if you’re new to extensions, at the very least you need to have a consultation whether it’s in person or via zoom.

I was able to notice that Lauren had a few different tones in her hair so we chose two shades , I gave her a visual of how long each length would look and she felt both textures of hair. We then concluded on her requirements and told her I would be in touch with a quotation.

It was really Lovely to receive a text from Lauren that evening thanking me for my attention to detail and service on a whiole .

The next day after receiving her quote , Lauren was happy to proceed and made payment for her extensions to be ordered.

I told her that my recommended stylist would contact her in a few days to arrange her hair appointment.

After mine and the stylist brief I then handed Lauren over to Derek the stylist.

He introduced himself , confirmed her order and confirmed her appt which was to be in June.

The First Install

Lauren had informed me a few days prior to her appointment that she had received her extensions and that they looked and felt amazing. So that was our first tick box.

Derek arrived a few later and installed 150g of tapes for Lauren and she was extremely pleased. She was given aftercare advice and was told that we were on the other end of the phone if she ever needed anything.

Here is a picture of her installation

The afterCare And re install

So after her initial install, Lauren went on to have two further installs at the appropriate interval by the lovely Derek and on each of the removal of the tapes , Derek took them and treated them and allowed Lauren’s hair to take a break. This was great for Lauren because her extensions were fully taken care of with the right products being applied so that her hair always looked fresh when next installed.

Some pics during different installations of the same hair).

Fast forward to December 2022 , Lauren’s big day is only one week away and Lauren has had her re install for her big day, her wedding day!

As a special gift Derek and myself gave Lauren’s hair extensions an olaplex treatment and Derek installed her tapes.
What an amazing result and to be honest they looked even better than the very first installation back on June.
We were all super happy especially the bride to be and from a service point of view we were given 10 stars.

Here is Lauren’s latest install :

This is just one success story that we would like to highlight and to give you an insight as to what you are likely to experience when you contact Admyhair about hair extensions.

I can’t emphasise enough that when it comes to hair extensions, we can give you the best , but ultimately that’s only 50% .. the other 50% Is the hair care maintenance throughout the life of your extensions.

Derek sums up the experience with this statement on hair extensions:

“ The key to our extensions is treating them like real hair. If they are looked after properly they will last so much longer.”

Derek Taylor

For reference the hair used in this case study were

150g of. Virgin Tape Extensions

22 and #60

Click here for these options.

Written by Rachael
Photo credits : Derek



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